I’ve drafted up a new list of goals for 2012, and honestly, I’m appalled at how many of them are repeats from previous years. I am going to commit 150% this year to completing them.

I’m also working on improving my style/fashion and my quality of life. At the top of that list is fighting off this clutter issue I’ve got. It’s hard to throw things out, but then again, not so much once I’ve realize what I am gaining for getting rid of those things.

One of the hardest things to fight is losing my artistic nature to my desire to live comfortably. It’s a big huge balancing act. I just have to not get seduced too hard toward money.

This is a 12:30 week, which means I gain and extra hour in the mornings before I have to go to work. I can use that to write, research, things like that.

One thing that I realized last night, debating online piracy with an acquaintance, is that we sacrifice our precious hours of the day for so many things that might not be worth our time. He was griping that not everyone can afford a $60 video game. My retort to that was this: if you can’t afford that $60 video game, how then can you afford the 20/30+ hours that you would be devoting to playing that game that you could be spending improving yourself and your life situation?¬†You can use that time instead to enrich yourself to be able to afford that game, in my opinion.

Lastly, I’m really into hijab fashion, and I don’t know why.

Working on work stuff, a degree. Finishing some short stories. Should have something published here soon. Sorry for the brevity. I’ve gained weight and am working on losing that. A lot of what’s going on right now is financial crunching and obliterating.

And happy new year. I’ll be 25 this year.