I have been hopping around quite a bit on what it is I want to do and have been doing. I’m taking three programming courses this semester, and that’s left me with some time to work on writing, but I keep hopping from story to story. That means that I need to work on a better production schedule. Right now I’m toying with the idea of adapting several of the works into light novel experiences before moving on to my first visual novel.

The production schedule will probably see the studio releasing two to three products a year. Yes, products; I’m definitely trying to move this toward a more formal, product based experience. Expect that our first light novel will be free to the public. I’ve put a lot of work into getting the project folders for each story concept and storyworld together, along with the documents within it. Building this company is something I’m really serious about. I know that I’m a good storyteller and I hope I can bring these stories to the world.

I got a chunk of programming done for The Pirate King’s Daughter. I’ve really been working on making that more mechanics based; it’s going to be an adventure game.

Finally, I’m changing the name of the studio to something in English and a bit more relevant. We’ll likely then be moving domains soon.

Catch you later, lovelies.