Rebekkah Patel – A chameleon with olive colored skin. Her right eye is orange, and her left eye is purple. She wants desperately to be a magician’s assistant, lending her magic potential to a magician’s acts, but refuses to accept her disability and instead tries to mask it. Rebekkah often wears purple contact lenses to try to mask her heterochromatic eyes, but she stops after meeting Max. Rebekkah’s true skin, hidden by a masking potion, is a set of bronze scales. She has shoulder blade length, curly, dark brown hair. She is 5’7”.

Maximillian Govinji – A komodo. He is modeled after the actor Ranveer Singh. His eyes are a luminescent shade of purple. Laid back, he is a gem setter that enjoys solving puzzles and creating solutions that help other people’s lives. He doesn’t like the flashy lifestyles that magicians lead, and is convinced that being a performer leads primarily to debt and ruin. He is very pious to both the desert gods and is well grounded. He has deep brown skin and dark brown/black hair. When he is working, it’s pulled back into a ponytail with about two and a half inches lead. Max stands about 5’11”.

Anna Malhotra –A tuatara with green eyes. She was the assistant to a famed magician, and she is now the head of the Apprentice’s Guild, Twilight Beacon’s leading and most competitive magical recruiting agency. She has wavy blonde hair, which she normally keeps pinned up. She has a sharp personality, and though she is friendly, she has very high expectations for those who gain entrance to her guild. She is 5’9” tall. Her hair has turquoise streaks during the waltz.

Chris Singh – A tuatara with orange eyes and a harsh face. He is moderately attractive, Chris is a performing magician, and he has a very flashy wardrobe and appearance. His hair is cut into a long mohawk, and his left eyebrow is pierced. He holds a grudge against Rebekkah, as she was his last assistant and one of her mistakes cost him a lot of money and some of his reputation. He is 6’2” tall.

Diana D’Souza – Another chameleon, and the assistant of Max’s neighbor Samson. They are married. Diana is small and very delicate looking, around 5’4” or 5’3”. She has dark hair and her eyes follow the same heterochromia pattern as Rebekkah’s (right orange, left purple). Outdoors and indoors, she is always completely covered on her arms and legs; outdoors, she wears hijab style hair dresses and a veil to protect herself from hexes. Her scales are a pale champagne gold color, and she comes from a village relatively not too far from Rebekkah’s. She is older, in her early 40s.

Samson D’Souza – A komodo in his 50s. He is a potions master and also teaches classes at a local magic school. He and Diana run a magic shop in downtown Twilight Beacon where Rebekkah tends to hang around. He has salt-and-pepper hair with flecks of gray throughout. He is fairly kindly, though he has an infatuation with his assistant Diana. He is stout, and actually is the same height as Rebekkah (5’7”).