I did some more work on the Pirate King’s Daughter today. Most of this consisted of finalizing gameplay mechanics. I’ve still got to put together characters + scenarios + stories, and eventually I will need to post that I am looking for artists. Just want this to go a lot better than Matters of the Heart ended up…

American Horror Story

Chocolatier 3

Sakurasou no Pet Kanojo

Sword Art Online

Shinsekai Yori (barely; this show is really really slow)

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (anime)


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai

Medaka Box + Medaka Box Abnormal

Assassin’s Creed

That Cheap and Sacred Thing


Hey all,

So I talked to a dear friend of mine about the characters and story in Matters of the Heart, and we both came to the conclusion that things need a major revamp. One of the big decisions is that while Rebekkah is now a good, solid character with a good core… I can’t stand her in Matters of the Heart’s current frame. She is moody, whining, and a pain in the ass. With the way that Max is structured — also a solid character — there’s no reason that the two of them would ever meet up and find romance with each other.

Could I rewrite the characters? Make them fit into this contrived love story about magic boxes and lizards? Yes. But they’re both great characters that really just need to find different homes. I’m working on understanding them and their interactions, with other characters, the world, and each other, so we shall see how things work out.

  • Learning C++
    • Crying because C++ is so hard
  • Learning Visual Basic
  • Fiddling with Python
  • Experimenting with working with other indie game developers
  • Playing Assassin’s Creed (the first one)
  • Playing The Sims 3
  • Sometimes sketching, though not nearly enough
  • Developing character profiles for Matters of the Heart
  • Revising the first chunk of Matters of the Heart
  • Working on the development document for Matters of the Heart
  • Biology homework