I just got a new tablet yesterday! 🙂 It’s a Wacom Bamboo Capture. I started messing around with it and did some sketchwork of my own. Here’s some glimpses, starting with Max:max practice


max colored


Sketches of Rebekkah that I’m working on. Her hair annoys me.


More REbekkahrebekkah

Every so often I’ll post songs that fuel my creative process on here for you all to look over. I really like to share what it is that pushes these ideas forward. This one is a song called Leia, created with the Vocaloid system. A Japanese choral group, calling themselves the Nico Nico Chorus, covered the song. I love the mixture of the classical and rock in this.

With my dreams and desires, I sometimes feel like this mother who has given birth to a child. She is beautiful, perfect, and all that I have imagined. She has some flaws, but it doesn’t matter — she is my child. She is a part of me, and as such I’ll cherish her forever. I hold my child for just a moment — in that brief moment, I am happy beyond what I can imagine, for the glimpse of my child — but then I watch her struggle to take in breath. She can’t breathe the air in this world outside of my body. It’s killing her. She keeps trying to breathe in, and she makes a horrendous gurgling, choking sound.Continue reading