Matters of the Heart is set in the fantasy world of Dusk, part of a larger story world. Dusk is a desert land that lives in a perpetual state of twilight. The sky always appears to be in a state just before sunset or just after sunrise. The land is cursed by the sun god Alseve due to a conflict between he and Ferio, one of the desert gods The nation is lit up by hexagonal shaped lanterns. Lights in Dusk run off of the power of Dusk Gems, gemstones found in the mines and dunes surrounding the desert. Dusk gems are also used as the highest form of currency by other races in the surrounding lands due to their magical abilities.

Dusk resembles modern day Dubai, in that despite its desert locale, it is still a very modern city. There are automobiles powered by the stones, which require periodic recharging. Water is imported from Samothrace, an oasis and a country under Dusk’s protectorate.

There are several settings where actions take place:

  • The Apprentice Guild
  • D’Souza’s Magic Emporium
  • The Heart Snatcher’s Guild
  • Twilight Beacon Station
  • Downtown marketplace
  • Maximillian’s Apartment

Dusk is heavily influenced by the real world country of Dubai.

Descriptions of these locations are forthcoming. This list is not complete.