Matters of the Heart

The story revolves around Rebekkah Patel, a 20-year-old Chameleon girl in the land of Dusk. Two years out of magic academy, she aspires to become a magician’s assistant, but her magic flow is erratic due to her mixed heritage. Rebekkah has spent most of her time trying to mask her disability, rather than learning to cope with it, but in the past it led to many disastrous results. Given one last opportunity to prove herself at the Matchmaker’s Ball, Rebekkah is determined to make a name for herself in the performance world…

Maximillian Govinji – or just Max, for short – is a Komodo. He is 24 and one of Twilight Beacon’s up-and-coming gem setters, a profession that produces marvelous inventions and innovations out of the gem rich desert region. He is not attracted to the world of performance, and initially tags along with his buddy Chris Singh for something to do. On viewing Rebekkah’s profile, however, he is intrigued, and he seeks her out at the Matchmaker’s Ball.

When the two meet, sparks fly, and Max offers Rebekkah an opportunity she literally can’t refuse. He introduces her to his world and his friends, and they get along well. But when a magical mishap occurs, Rebekkah is forced to make a choice: should she have faith in the new friends and relationships she’s begun to forge… Or should she force chance in her favor?