So I had an epiphany right now. I am motivated by competing against and doing better than others. I am planning on entering more contests related to my chosen creative fields to capitalize on this…

I just have to stay on that.

Does anyone have any painting, writing, or game design contests that they know of?

I have a bone to pick with News One right now, about an article TheGrio featured where they turn X-Men First Class into a piece of “comic book racism”. It’s pretty clear from the article that they have never read the comics, and that they are probably basing their assumptions off of the movie universe of X-Men. If not, they need to fire their resident fanboy. For those of you who have not seen the film or are not familiar with the X-Men Universe, you may want to skip over certain spots in here. I’ll try to keep as many spoilers out as possible, but we need to cover the bases.Continue reading

The freelance writing is going mostly okay. It’s been kind of a struggle to stay positive and to write no matter what. I have some sort of anxiety, I think; typically I assume that it’s performance anxiety, because when it comes to doing, I stall on things pretty frequently. For some reason, even though I know that I’m good at something, I freak when it comes time to prove that I’m good.

Things didn’t used to be that way. You couldn’t stop me from showing off. I was great at everything, and there was no stopping me from showing it.

I hope to get back to that.