Vices And Virtues – Milestones

An overview of the milestones I’d like to achieve with Vices and Virtues.

Milestone 1: Development of Story and Characters

  • Refine the story and storyworld overview that I’ve written up.
  • Create the concrete characters who will go with the conceptual ones that have been presented.
  • Make sure each character’s backstory is solid.
  • Define the general plot of the graphic novel.
  • Define any branches in the story.
  • Write out the actual story and plot of the graphic novel, tying all of the events together.
  • Edit story, review for any gaps.
  • Enter story into Ren’Py, run through all possible outcomes, check for flaws.

Milestone 2: Character Art/Graphic Design

  • Determine art style of the game.
  • Generate character art – this will include sprites for varying expressions and for various forms/outfits the characters may wear.
  • Get or create background art.

Milestone 3: UI design

  • Style in-game UI design to match the art style/feel of the game.
  • Test UI to make sure it is compatible with the existing art and story.

Milestone 2.5: Beta testing

  • Have beta testers play the game, ask them what they think of it.
  • Release a free trial of the game, without music, sound, etc. Only the first chapter is available.
  • Based on user feedback, refine story, art, etc.
  • Revise things as needed. Replay to ensure smooth game play experience.

Milestone 3: Polish

  • Purchase or find and add music, sound.

Milestone 4: Play testing

  • Have better trial available. Allow alpha testers (people from English visual novel review blogs?) to play the game and give their reviews.
  • Establish a system to sell the game to people via the website. Consider different sales avenues.

Milestone 5: Pre-Orders

  • Accept pre-orders for the game. First three days after pre-order release will include a discounted price.
  • Perform any tweaking, as necessary.

Milestone 6: Full release

  • Release game to pre-order holders, general public, as orders come in.
  • Review customer feedback.
  • Perform post-mortem analysis of the game.
  • Roll out patches as necessary.