Races of Dusk

There are different types of people who live in Dusk, with their different features varying based on their lineage from the gods. They are known as the reptile people, and all have vertically-slitted pupils.

The komodos are the descendents of the god Ferio. They have eyes in varying shades of purple. Ferio is the stronger god of magic, and as such, most of his descendents have a strong ability for the control of magic in terms of using it for enchantment. They are able to draw out the magic of others and themselves to infuse it within objects. Komodos can be considered the less showy of the lines, but some do still go into magic performance.

The tuataras are the descendents of the god Elise. They have eyes in varying shades of orange. Descendents of Elise are also able to draw on inner magic, and are very skilled in its manipulation, especially for showmanship activities like performing. Elise is a god of magic, but she is primarily the goddess of performers. Those in the performing arts consider her their patron god. They are good at externalizing magic and creating illusions.

Both the tuatara and the komodos sometimes have green or hazel eyes. The colors orange and purple are exclusive to the notated lines.

The chameleons are the descendents of both Ferio and Elise, born of Elise’s seduction of her brother. Their eyes are heterochromatic, typically expressing itself as one purple eye and one orange eye. The flow of their magic is often distorted by this magical inbreeding, and it is often not constant enough for her descendents to use it in the performing arts. They tend to be good supporting magic users, and can innately understand magical spells, potions, and the likes. They can both enchant objects and create illusions, but they are rather poor performers.

Unlike their brethren, the chameleons’ skin is partially composed of scales; the most common color is bronze, but the scales do come in lighter and deeper shades.  They tend to cover themselves in public. They also have the ability to change their scales and skin to match their surroundings.

The firebirds are a line of people descended from the sun god Alseve and his consort Vertis, the wind goddess. They live in an oasis surrounded by Dusk. They are performers and their patron goddess (and protector) is also Elise. They suffer from a condition known as skysickness. One of the top projects is developing a cure for skysickness. They live in the land of Samothrace.

The komodo’s kin is one of the many names for the dragon people, a race living north of Dusk in a land known as Feris. Named for Ferio, they are the descendents of Ferio and Vertis. They do not appear in Matters of the Heart, but may be referenced. They have purple eyes and are a warrior-like people.