Artwork from Our New Artist

So I’ve been posting to the Facebook page, but I realized I also need to post here. There is finally solid art of Rebekkah and Max available! 🙂 Our artist for Matters of the Heart is Iceramyst. She’s been kind enough to work with us on generating art for the prototype. Images of Rebekkah and Max are below the cut!

HO6P5lE - ImgurNkblDeC - Imgur

I think they look freaking amazing! These are all images of the characters from the masquerade ball. Iceramyst will also be doing art for Chris, the antagonist of the prologue. For the time being, I’ll be doing the backgrounds, and I’ve been working on refining the code and cleaning up the prologue. We’re adding some choices to the game as well

Give us some feedback! Do you like them? Do you not like them? What do you want to see in the prologue? Let me know; comment below!