Tabithe’s second outfit in the story Rainfall is described as an orange jumpsuit with three quarter lace sleeves. She wears thick orange bracelets, paired with thin gold and pearl bracelets, and tangerine-jeweled slave anklets/barefoot sandals. Under the cut you’ll find some images that are a pretty good real-life representation of the outfit. Check it out!

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She’s about to start crying.

This is always the awkward part. I’m never quite sure what to do. She’s sitting at the edge of the bed, still in her nightgown. She’s picking at the cuticles of her nails, but she’s looking dead at me. Tears have brimmed up on the bottom lid of her eyes. They’re a soft brown color, like when autumn has just broken into its full bloom, but long before it starts to die out. Her dark brown hair is disheveled around her shoulders, and she has her toes scrunched up in the rug.

It’s just past one in the morning. She woke up because she heard the door creak.

Her name is Isabella.

She’s just realized that she’s about to become a one night stand.

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WARNING. This is a quick ramble. I want to get this out here and cataloged so I can see it later.

When I write, I get very caught up in imagery from music. I just discovered “High Hopes in Velvet Ropes”, by The Cab, and it personifies one of my characters, Tethys, perfectly. But I’m a very situational, dialogue driven writer. Right now I’m writing out the scene based on just the dialogue alone. THis is my writing exercise for tonight. This is how I’ve always been organized, I think. I write and then expand outward. I started out doing my serious writing through doing screenplays of what my little TV series was going to be for one of my concepts. Then I started to branch out into fanfiction with more prose.

I’m going to go back to writing, but I really wanted to try and get that out there. Will be working on some Matters of the Heart stuff tonight, and then finalizing some plans for an event I’m trying to throw for Halloween/