Things I’m Working On

This week, I completed the plot draft for my story about two of the reptile people in my novel universe. That was a real accomplishment for me. I had the basics of the story already down and written out, but I felt as if the story was landing flat. There was just boy meets girl, conflict, and then resolution. I went in and looked up a story plotting graph – because believe you me, it’s been quite some time since the last time I looked at one of those. I know how to write a story still, and I am pretty good with words, descriptions, and things like that, but I haven’t really written anything engaging in a long, long time. Thanks to the graph, I was able to add in some more events that will build the characters along with describing their world and their dilemmas. I’m really excited about that.Tomorrow I’ll be attending The SMU Guildhall’s Open House in Plano, Texas. There’s an ice cream parlor up in the North Dallas area that I bought a Groupon for sometime last year, so I’m going to go check that out, too, while I’m there. Hopefully it’s good – and still in business. I stopped buying Groupons becuase the last time I bought one (for The Body Shop), I found out the hard way that all the ones in my area had closed down, and so my Groupon uselessly expired. Super lame.

I’m still working on the visual novel Vices and Virtues that I wrote about earlier, though to be honest, that was put onto a back burner in favor of Matters of the Heart, the novelette about the reptile people. Vices and Virtues really wasn’t interesting me that much. The characters are currently all empty shells of “you are this sin, you are that sin, you are this virtue, at the end of the day, you win”. There are no back stories, no personal triumphs, anything like that. And seeing how it’s an ensemble cast (there is one girl for each of the deadly sins, including the protagonist Saint Castitas, not counting teachers, friends, support characters, and villains), there’s a lot of characters that need to be born.

I don’t think the creative sperm has hit my eggs yet, so I’ll let them gestate in my mental womb for awhile longer. Maybe I’ll revive my characters from Tsunami Fighter (oh to be a fourth grade girl again) or Tournament Team Zero (another team from my fourth grade years). Whenever it gets started, I’m giving it six months from inception, written story, art (which I’ll likely be outsourcing), and music to be done. Now that I think about it, Tsunami Fighter might be my best bet there, because I already have so much of the work and designs done.

Staying on topic of projects: I should have been working on the new website homepage, I know, but even that has gotten put off for some writing things – both for myself and for cash. I’ve also been reviewing games that have been releasing to Facebook lately, such as The Sims Social and Maplestory Adventures. I just got The Sims Social yesterday, and I’m playing the hell out of it today so that I can give you a fair review of it. That webpage has also been put off as I determine what all is really going where, as I’m going to be fragmenting this blog – yet again, I’m sorry. I’m finding that this blog has a lot of content to it now that I just write, write, write, but it means that it’s unfocused. I’m mixing audiences both here and on my Facebook page, and while that works in terms of “gotta get stuff written, don’t care where it goes”, it doesn’t help me to target a core of people who might be interested in that particular area.

I just went about purchasing a domain name yesterday for my game/application endeavor, Kaali Billi Innovations. I might set up the blog for that later on today, and then just migrate everything over to a different folder server side.

There’s not many other projects that I can think of that I’m working on right now, so I think that’s the end of the blog post. Thanks guys!